UK SIA RQF Level 3 Close Protection Operative


The Level 3 Close Protection course opens up multiple opportunities for candidates to seek gainful employment in areas such as Europe, the Middle-East and in England. It is recognized by multiple embassies as well as multinational firms which require high quality protection by appropriately qualified individuals.

If you are an individual who has the tenacity and the drive to seek bodyguarding work overseas in places such as Europe, the Middle-East and the Horn of Africa for up to US$300 a day, look no further.

For nearly half of what it costs to do this course in the UK, you are able to be instructed by the best instructors that money can buy in Southeast Asia. The Level 3 Course will also give you the FULL UK certification. 


  1. Enrolment Requirements
    1. Over the age of 18 2. Moderate level of Spoken and Written English 3. No criminal records over the past 7 years 4. Reasonably fit, able to walk and run for moderate distances 5. IT literate, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Course Duration
    140 hours Delivered over 14 days
  3. Assessment
    1. Candidate Portfolio 2. Multiple Choice Papers
  4. Course Specifications
    1. Roles and Responsibilities of a Close Protection Operative 2. Planning, Preparing and Conducting a Close Protection Operation 3. Conflict Management within the Security Industry
  5. Instructor
    Ex-British Army Infantry Sergeant: 10 years Close Protection Operator : Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq - 6 years
  6. What do I get?
    1 x Ofqual Recognised RQF Level 3 Close Protection Operative certificate 1 x Course shirt 1 x Atlas Lapel Pin 1 x Atlas Notebook Relevant stationery


Course Info

A summary of the course content​

What comes after?

Skills & Teamwork in Close Protection – are essential for the CPO and the knowledge and skills required are developed over a minimum 14 days and this is achieved through a combination of lectures, practical exercises and scenarios based on the common duties of a modern day CPO. The training peaks with an intensive final exercise that combines all the skills and knowledge obtained throughout the duration.
Legislation, Communication & Conflict Management Skills in CP – the role of a CPO requires individuals to be fully conversant with the law and to understand the relationships between the CP industry and official agencies. Again this is achieved by classroom discussions, videos and practical scenarios

Risk assessment, operational planning and safe route selection – it is important to identify and quantify the risks when working as a CPO and good planning and preparation is an essential part of the role. Exercises and classroom activities incorporate a large part of this module where delegates will actually plan and prepare for an operation leading to the final exercise.

Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Incidents & Dilemmas – this module will introduce you to the concept of surveillance and counter surveillance and is key to protecting clients as most pre-meditated attacks include some form of surveillance. Preventative and proactive measures to detect surveillance are taught and related to real life incidents. There must also be procedures for when things don’t go as planned and the ability to think on your feet will be developed during the course.
Techniques for Close Protection Operatives – most of the physical skills required by a CPO are covered in this final module such as vehicle embus – debus drills and convoy driving through to foot techniques and searching procedures will be practiced to hone these essential skills
Atlas has a track record of supporting candidates after graduation by linking them up to security companies which are hiring in the region for overseas protection jobs and providing graduates interview coaching assistance. 

Should any internal jobs come up which require ad-hoc work, we will contact you if you are eligible for these positions. 

This qualification is recognised by Ofqual.



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