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Transform your life.
Protect people and their assets around the world 

14 days*

4 modules

An International Career

A life-changing experience

October 2017

Kuala Lumpur

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*Not including firearms module - additional two days for this
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An International Career

Delivered by experienced UK trainers

A befitting salary

Work in places such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Africa and England.
Protect assets, people and what's most important to them.
Be instructed by a UK police officer specialising in Tactical Firearms and Close Protection
Learn skills that have been honed from years spent in the field. 
Earn up to US$ 500 a day depending on location, organisation and experience.

Course Modules

  1. Module 1 - Working as a Close Protection Operative

    Roles and Responsibilities of a Close Protection Officer, Defensive Tactics

  2. Module 2 - Planning, Preparing and Supporting a Close Protection Operation

    Escort planning, delivery of a briefing, development and creating of information packs

  3. Module 4 - Tactical Firearms

    Weapon handling, drawing and firing, room clearance, methods of carry, firing on the move, combat reloading, weapon retention and disarming

  4. Module 3 - Conflict Management

    Communications skills, avoiding and defusing conflict, escalation and de-escalation.

Pictures used are taken from previous courses held in Europe and the Middle East.

About the course

If you are looking to begin a career in the international security industry, operating in both executive or hostile environments, the Level 3 Close Protection course is the starting point.

Over the 14 days you will be taught the skills required to work as a close protection officer and the foundation to build on throughout your career. The course is a mixture of theory based classroom work and practical exercises carried out on the streets of the Kuala Lumpur, culminating in a real-time close protection operation at the end of the course.

The level 3 Close Protection qualification is regarded as an international standard for UK companies (UK Home Office's Security Industry Authority licence requirement) and companies operating in Hostile Environments. You will be provided with an individual in-depth final course report on your performance throughout the course that can be included in your CV's to potential employers as a reference.

Our team are some of the best operators in the industry, drawing on decades of military and private security experience. We consistently deliver courses of the highest quality across Europe, Asia and Africa, providing specialist training above and beyond the standards expected from the Close Protection industry since 2012.

For the first time in Asia, we will be working with Atlas to deliver the best Close Protection course Malaysia has ever seen and look forward to meeting all of you in October.

Luke H. and Kyle T.
Course Trainers

Former UKSF Group

International Armed Forces Trainers

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Course Details

Oct 13th to 29th 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

RM4,599 early bird pricing*
RM4,999 standard price**

*if payment is made before the 30th of July
** Deadline for full payment is 45 days before start of course (Aug 29th)